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September 17, 2009
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Samus wrapped by a plant by MegatronMan Samus wrapped by a plant by MegatronMan
I liked the Samus pics BT has made

I just had to get in on this, so I hammered something out with :iconbigboobs123:
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i wanna correct my miss type at the end of whut i typed iff samus thinks about trying to find ah way out trust me when i say she wont even come close to makeing ah breaktrough when it comes to thinking about ah way out of that mess
samus is ah tough girl how doese she wind up in these situations?? well lets think about this plant her boddy is burreid deep in 27 thick strong vines that has samus wrapped up supertight and i meane none of the coils have any gaps or loose ends anywheres i meane this plant wrapped up ever very last inch of her body iff i wass samus i wouldnt even so much as even think about trying to think about finding ah way out even iff she did so much as think about trying to find ah wayout iff she thinks about it trust me thinking about it wont even come close to make somuch as makeing ah breake through when it comes to thinking about ah way out of this mess last note this is verynice at the same time ah totall shock for ah tough girl like samus but very nice
im sure most of you know this a man eating plant but some poeple dont know that a man eating plant is made to look like ah flower and smell like ah flower samus prob went near it think it wass ah pretty flower then as soon as it opened it prob quickley grabbed her befor she had any chance to do anything and its not her fualt shes prob never been near that kind of plant befor poor poor samus[link]
Please please please do samus wrapped up by plant with just her long thick ponytail hanging out she herself is completely inside the plant just her ponytail is showing in it entirety thanks much appriciated if u can do that

Thanks again

And cracking work by the way
*touches her hair while plant is holding her*
What can I say?

You have done such amazing jobs for so many people on here.
Sper3 Jun 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Talk about being consumed by your work.
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